Rekha Thapa & Lanka Movie

Rekha changed her gender in the movie Lanka. This is about a actress

turning actor. “Rekha Thapa” is one of the popular in the Nepalese

movie industry. Talking in contect of business Thapa’s most of the

movies are hit on the box office. She had started her carear on

Nepalese Cinema from her fist movie ‘Hero’ and now she has become a

male actor. “In the movie ‘Lanka’ she has became male actor instead of

being a female actor.”, toldShyam Bhattari, the director of the Lanka

Movie. After a long time Rekha has changed Sex and after the

completion of Lanka. This Nepali movie of 2069 is releasing on Kartik

24. Lanka is the united production of Om Prakash Agrawal and Sanjay

Kutumalati Shah. Kishor Khatiwada, Rekha Thapa, Nagandra Rijal, Nandu

Srivastab and other actors can be seen in the movie. The hero “Rekha

Thapa” is a policeman in this Lanka Movie.

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