It is better to be under-rated by people than to be over-rated.

It is better to be under-rated by people than to be over-rated.

Certain measures are taken to determine what standard any individual belongs to by faculty (merit). On the ground of individualism, we are categorized into an average, good, excellent, par excellent and surprisingly matchless. Such criteria of rating skill are schemed (designed) by the experts, critics, and the professional judges to label an individual. Accidentally, a rating can be altered with over rating and under rating.


Over rating is an improper scale of measurement very often it takes place in sports, politics, legal pursuit, entertainment as well as religion. Sportsmen particularly in India are placed much higher than they deserve. However cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar is honoured as god of cricket to his fans and die hard supporter. Similarly in politics the leader and politicians are considered to be healers of all the public pains and poverty.
The elected politicians with the heavy vote cast are the representative of people for particular electrol constituency. His owner-ed for with all the values on the basis of trust but he never comes back to the electrol constituency in order to examine and understand the worsened miserability of the poors and the needy. Meanwhile he is forced to give resignation from the power he has vested simply because he is approved corrupt and dis-loyal to the people’s trusts as well as the states. Ultimately he is dethroned and disqualified as politician with good leadership. This is why in politics the elected is dragged down as the subject of public scold. The nature of over rating of the lower and the judges is no way different from the previous character. The verdict giving judge is considered as lord what he is not blessed for giving life to criminals unlike god himself — the creator of all creatures and infinite cosmos. Similarly, the cine stars from the world of entertainment are got for youths and fans because the fans are much observed with support and favour. The well known South Indian super star Rajnikanth is the most expensive actor in Indian cinema; India has ever produced. He is unlike Jesus who was not god for the King and soldier responsible for his crucifixion. Again the Saints or Buddha are labelled with divinity where as Krishna in holy Gita proclaimed himself as an ‘Ajanma’, the unborn.

From the above entries over-rating is nothing but the product of human biasness and improper significance given contrary to over rating; under rating is the result of bitter sense as envy, ego and unpreserved-ness between the representative rivals within the same professions and competition. It is an iron cut iron situation in both major and minor profession. It is the reflection of insecure psychology that advocates the inferior by the replacement of someone superior in rich quality. History and time retell the story of under-rated that makes other fell the presence of its absence for all its rich quality. The under rated is the victim filthy competitors by all foul tricks such as duplication; unhealthy replacement, low rated values and playful approaches. It is the under rated in the Trades that tag under collaboration and licences in the selection of deserving the under rated is blamed outcast. Do the products of under collaboration parallel to the product of original trademark? Similarly can step mother be replaced by the surrogate mother for genuine sacrifice love and dignity of biological mother who once had felt the pride, the pain and the pleasure during the nine months pregnancy. Additionally can England have another Elizabeth to rule the nation what the 17th century queen gave golden era to England. Additional to the contest is Africa that have been alienated at the price of under rated for the past many centuries. It has been bitting evidence that the human scale as the page per human value was set as a trend that a black crown race has been nothing but the subject for the service to rich class people in the families of European and American society. Physical, political & social contribution of Africa is almost negligible in the world civilization and the contribution to the world itself. Africa till 20th century has been logged behind as it has been geographically a dark atavistic far far away from the centre of affairs attraction and attention in present world scenario.


Rating anyone’s talent contribution on the quality of merit standred is genuine to recognize one as a role model on the specimen to the follower and the following generation on expository level. The assignment of rating ever qualifies the insightfull-ness of judges in the specific are concerned. In the rating, otherwise, over or under is illegitimate, invalid and therefore unreliable to everyone for private and public justice.

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