Nepali Songs

Today I am here to share you top ten Nepali songs rated ay our

friends. We will know one by one below with the singer's name too. The

number shows the rankings of each song as follows.

1. Yo Chhoriko Roopai by Shreya Sotang.

2. Atma Ma by Kamal Kharti & Babita.

3. Nagarkot by Mukti & Revival.

4. Timi Malai by Garima Rai.

5. Bhete Hola by Kunti Moktan.

6. Raharama HUnchha by Anuska Pathak.

7. Feri Farkera by Santosh Lama.

8. Korera Prem Patra by Bunu Rai & Kamal Khatri.

9. Khai Jalama by Pramod Kharel.

10. Anurodh by Urgen Yonjan.

This concludes the top 10 Nepalese Songs till December 27, 2012. On

the end of the year Rabinsxp will let you know the list of Top Ten

Nepali Songs of The Year 2012. Happy New Year 2013 to all of you from


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