Mount Everest – What’s trending on 2014

Mt. Everest, the higest peak in the world is one of the pride of Nepalese people. Everest has drawn mountaineers from all over the world to her cold embrace as the spring climbing season of 2014 (2071 BS) begins. Not talking about other things I would like to enlist some of the Mount Everest 2014 Trendings.
Check out the trendings on M.t Everest for the year 2014 (2071 B.S. according to Nepalese calander).
#1. Andy Holzer, 47, fromm Austria, blind by birth is in bid to be the first blind European to summit the world’s highest peak
#2. Julian Mocklinghoff is filming a documentary on Holzer’s expedition titled “Andreas Osterreich to Everest”.
#3. Steve Obbay, Nairobi-based entrepreneur, in bid to be the first Kenyan to summit Mt. Everest.
#4. Greg Pail, 49, from US, attempting to submit on two artificial knees.
#5. Bill Burke, 72, from USA, climbing Everest from North Col in bid to be the oldest climber from a non-Asian country to reach the summit form both sides; he had climbed Everest from South Col in 2009.
#6. Love Birds from New Zealand, Jim and Loretta got married at Everest base on April 8.
#7. Google Inc shooting documentary “Everest Story Camp 2014”.
#8. Andrew Ivan Awes, from USA, filming Khumbhu region for  his documentary “America Unearthed, Bigfoot Captured” with approximate cost of US $ 45,000.
#9. US$ 10 million documentary project “Everest Wingsuite Live” launched by Peacock Productions, National Broadcasting Corporation, New York.
#9. Discovery Channel is set to air first wingsuit flight off Everest by Joby Ogwyn live.
#10. Russel Reginald Brice of New Zealand shooting documentary “Sherpa in the Shadow of the Mountains” at an estimated cost of US$ 250,000.
#11. Michael John Roberts of New Zealand, shooting a documentary called “Everest”.
#12. Emma Louise Bernhard of UK, filming a documentary “One Planet Mountains” in everest region.
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