Is Meat Good For Health?

Is Meat Good For Health?

Is eating meat good for health or not?

Readers who eat meat may find it a stretch imagination to equate the murder of a person with the slaughter of a cow. Perhaps, but these wrongs differ only in degree.

As written in the April 1996 issue of the University of California at Berkely Wellness letter: “In the past decades scientists have made great strides in understanding the relationship between diet and health, and have suggested that cancer, heart disease, and other chronic ailments may in some sense be ‘deficiency’ disease. That is, if we would improve our eating habits, maybe we could decrease our risk of chronic diseases.”

While true, this is a cautious interpretation of scientific facts. Many medical researchers have conducted that chronic disease almost certainly is related to diet. That is, most of the health problems that afflict as, particularly in our later years are self-induced. A large proportion of heart attacks and tumors are produced by the food we eat. And what kind of the food do these reports indicate as one of the main culprits that causes so much pain and suffering? Of course, we guess, Meat.

Isn’t that interesting? Frequently people say that it is normal to eat meat; that evolution has fine-tuned humans to subsist on a mixture of animal and plant foods; that we are descended from hunters of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers; and that cow, pig, sheep and other domesticated creatures are simply a substitute for the savage beasts on which our ancestors once survived. In other words, our bodies are naturally designed to consume meat, and we shouldn’t argue with nature.

Eating Vegetable is Good for health.

 Well, this view may have its own logic, but it is strange that something humans supposedly are meant to eat is so bad for our health. Perhaps nature actually is telling us something different, that meat eating is bad for us, both physically and spiritually. Certainly, solid support comes from an expanding body of scientific research. Today, parents who want to raise their children to be vegetarians have a much larger arsenal of facts to support their decision than was the cause a decade or so ago.

So this concludes with the fact that meat is a destroyer of human health.

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