Baby Kuchi Kuchi (Honey Bunny Part 2) – Watch Video & Download MP3

Baby Kuchi Kuchi is part two version of Honey Bunny Part 2 produced by ur StyleTV. As they say, this time they named the cute girl “Baby Kuchi Kuchi” and let’s find out how she reacts to his naughty behaviors.

Seriously, this video didn’t make my day as Honey Bunny did before. Yes, I found the actress to be cute but no comment for the boys or maybe girls will comment on that. Well, the video was quite creative which follows the same type-pattern as per the video title, But then, after watching I found the video not more interesting.

I lost the taste/interest later on. As compared to Honey Bunny it’s nothing. But, I can’t just close up this line withing thanking you guys for making the video. At least, I watched it, enjoyed it once, admired once thought I was bored a little. Overall, the video somehow was Kuchi Kuchi Lovely but You’re My Honey Bunny still rocks.

Now it’s your time to watch the Baby Kuchi Kuchi Video. I hope you enjoy the video and if you just in case are willing to set it as a mobile ringtone or something like that, then there’s an MP3 download link below the video.

Joke of the moment: Sachi ko hanyo mora le. La tero paisa.
Direct Download Link: Click Here to download MP3 of Baby Kuchi Kuchi (Honey Bunny Part 2) Song.
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