Nepalese Festivals: Then and Now

I just want to write something about our festivals as our festive season has started. You know I have experienced many changes in our festivals from then period to how Nepal has so many different festivals celebrating everything and anything now. I want to focus on few Nepalese festivals regarding on this very topic as notified on the title already. I remember last time I was lucky or unlucky enough to be at my hometown, when everyone threw coloured powder and water at each other. I really was in a complete state and it took me ages to get the dye out my hair but it was so much fun. Taking about Shivaratri, the night of Lord Shiva held between February, March is one of the major festival of our country. On this holy day, worshippers take dip and bath in the holy river at early dawn and fast for the whole day and stayed around fire to keep them warm as it is still in Nepal. Previously the entrance to the temple was allowed to Hindus only but nowadays most of the other people also go there. Dipawali or Tihar also know as Bhai Tika has been changed from the way it used to be celebrated then. In the past Deusi Bhailo used to be based on real incidents or real facts but now-a-days it has just became a part of entertainment and just in the name of so-called preserving festival. Similarly, Dashain; one of the biggest festival of Nepal is celebrated with the greatest joy and effort. Getting tika and jamara on this day has just been a formality in the name of showing respect to the religion. But instead behind the real meaning of Vijaya Dashami, people are taking it as a festival of eating, drinking, gambling and so on. There are lots of things to share with you guys but no problem yet. I will try to share more about changes then and now with you. This much for now and you guys do not forget to respect your culture.

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