Lujendra Ojha Nepali Scientist Finds Water on Mars

This is a very proud moment for all the Nepalese. Lujendra Ojha, a 21-year-old space scientist from Kathmandu, Nepal has confirmed the salt water to be found on Mars. So this leads to a hope of existence of life forms on Mars.

Lujendra Ojha, Nepali Scientist to discover life forms on mars on Video Call
Lujendra Ojha, Nepali Scientist on Video Call

Watch the video which shows the photos taken from Mars and a video call with Nepali Scientist Lujendra Ojha where he shares his research with RT America.


Ojha still has another year or so before he graduates from his program at Georgia Tech, but he’s also staying true to his jack-of-all-trades mentality. He’s not only working on NASA’s Insight mission to dig more deeply and study the interior of the Red Planet and intriguing concepts like “Marsquakes,” but he also spends a lot of time in his native Nepal studying earthquakes in the Himalayas, a project that seems especially worthwhile following the tragic tremors there earlier this year. Beside this Lujendra Ojha is a Nepalese-American death metal guitarist too.

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