What a man thinks off is not right always

I don’t know why I am writing this thing today but one thing today make me think about this, I mean write about this. That thing came for Anup’s point of view and I’m writing it from my point of view. I don’t want to criticize him either but this gave me an idea to write something about What a man thinks off is always not right. Or you can take it as the way we think is not always right.

We are human full of curiosity and eagerness of doing something more and more. Everyone likes to stay out of trouble and wants to enjoy the pleasure to the fullest level. You many now find very well reading this post as this has different aspects. You can think my way or your way. Sometimes there are such situations that are against his will. And then there mind plays a great role. It compels to think as if the way he is thinking right now is right and the other person is against him which in fact is not true. If you are thinking what is the scenario then here’s a short today’s plot. Today morning Anup brother came in my room and claimed that I had done something on his laptop. I felt very bad because I have no idea what he was talking about. He reminded the day one month ago when I had used his laptop, the very first day at CMRIT. His laptop was not getting a IP address and then he blamed me. His internet connection has became weak and I was blamed for it. His network card got some problem and I was responsible for it. Ha! that’s funny because every problem he got is not my problem either. He has to sort out himself. He has to perform diagnostics by himself. Is he really thinking all the time or is just a resemble of his instant reaction of his mind’s thinking? Well I don’t know about it, either he knows or God knows.

I think him of a very helpful person at the very first moment I met him. If fact he had helped me when I arrived CMRIT. But sometimes what people says may affect on what others think about him. For instant from now onward I won’t be dealing such things with him. It is very well said that little things matter. Yes, now I am realizing that such things really matters but we don’t see how we are been affected in the relationships we make. But symptoms can be seen after a period of time.

We need to cast off the chains that limit us by freeing ourselves of whatever binds or clouds our way to react with each others. The way to trust others is not anywhere outside, though this obvious is possible too, but within our perception.  I think what a man thinks off  is not right always right. Then may be the way I’m thinking right now may not be right always.

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