Digital Nepal Dream – Revolutionizing Information and Technology of Nepal

Rabins Digital Nepal Dream

 The Revolution of Information and Technology in Nepal has started.

I always wanted to contribute to improving the information and technological world of Nepal. October 1 was the first and fresh day for me to start working on it. Now the “Digital Nepal” campaign has been started so that every one of us can bring changes in Information and Technology in Nepal. The revolution has started and the future of Digital Nepal begins now. I have just pulled the chain now I am hopeful that everyone will pull up the chain too. We will make Nepal better digitally. I want to carry the Digital Nepal project on the National level and for this, I want your support. I hope the government of Nepal will also support my dream of “Digital Nepal.” I want to digitally transform Nepal so that we can boost our country’s economy too.

Digital Nepal - A Revolution of Information and Technology in Nepal has started.
My Dream of Digital Nepal –  Revolution of Information and Technology in Nepal has started.


The aim of Digital Nepal is very simple right now because it can’t be just completed by a person. So I need the support of all of you. Digital Nepal aims to digitally empower all the citizens of Nepal for instant lets to say the Internet should be made available to each and every part of Nepal.

Using high-speed broadband internet in Kathmandu or Pokhara is not enough for Digital Nepal. We need to help those villagers up high in the Himalayas too. Nepal was the first to use Internet service before India knew about The Internet. At that time we were rich and our country was more powerful and prosperous. But due to some political tsunami, we have been left backward. So now it’s the time to catch the train. Now is the time to beam up our Scottie. There are lots of Nepalese working in the high-ranking post in the world’s top IT companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. I know they are getting a high salary and enhancing their quality of life. But don’t they have some responsibility towards their motherland. We need more people like Mahabir Pun. I salute him for what he had done to make the internet available in the rural area of  Myagdi.

If you are thinking how to involve yourself in Digital Nepal then follow the official Facebook Page at or you can always include hashtags like #DigitalNepal #SupportDigitalNepal or #Digital_Nepal #Support_Digital_Nepal or anything like that.
 You can also donate some money if you want to help Digital Nepal.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane
(Dreamer of Digital Nepal)

Dreaming Digital Nepal – Revolutionizing Information and Technology of Nepal

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