Our Incomplete Love Story (Hamari Adhuri Prem Kahani)

2068.8.28 — It was winter of 2068. I went to visit Pokhara with my friends. Pokhara is a paradise for travelers. I visited every place; Fewa Lake, Begnas Lake, Sarankot, World Peace Stupa,  Bindawashini, Temple, Mahendra Cave and other temples, caves, and sites. Paragliding was one of my best experience and wanted to do Hawk landing but didn’t instead I did boat in Phewa Lake and Begnas Lake.

It was evening when we came back to one Buddha Guest House & Lodge at near (Hallanchowk) Lake Side.

We slept so fast because of the all-day tiredness. When we wake up it was already 10 PM. I noticed some of my friends were having dinner and for some of them, it was a tiffin break. With a best friend of mine, I went for dinner. The very moment my eyes got stuck with a girl when I was making my chair comfortable to sit. OMG! That girl was like an angle for me. She was also having dinner. I kept on seeing here for a long time and told my friend, “Oye! look. There’s a very beautiful girl, over there”. But my friend replied, “Don’t keep eyes on her. She is a daughter of this hotel’s owner. You might have to sleep outside on this cold winter night. Just look at her standard. Her high standards and low standards of yours.”

And I said, “Whatever! She is still beautiful”.

It was midnight and I couldn’t sleep the whole night too. Time passed!  2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM but then also I was not able to sleep. So I get out of the room and went down for tea. I discover the same girl was already drinking tea. Looking at me, she signaled me as if I wanna drink tea. I smiled and said yes by moving head just like Ah.hu.

It was 5 AM, the morning was very cold. Still, no other hotel staffs were wake up. Not even the chef and not my friends too.
She prepared tea for me, came near to me and said,”Have some tea.” And requested me to sit near to her. I also went close to her, we drank tea and talked a lot. After some time, she began to read a newspaper, Kantipur Daily. I kept on seeing here again and again.
It was 6 AM when hotel staffs wake up and she also went somewhere and I also stood up from the place I was sitting earlier. I felt sad and read the paper being upset. I saw a phone number written there. I didn’t care about the number and went to the room to complete my sleep.
It was 7 AM but also I was unable to get myself fall asleep. When I was trying to sleep, one question struck on my head, whose phone number it could be off. I kept on thinking for several minutes.

It was 9 AM but what I was thinking of was not over yet. My friends were talking about returning back to home. But my brain was not working properly. I guess she was also getting ready to go somewhere else. Our bus arrived and all took the seats on the bus. But then also I was still drowning deep in my ocean of thoughts. I couldn’t catch whose number it was. 1km after the bus ride, my mind reminded me one thing that early in the morning she had pointed a pen towards me and asked me if I wanna have some tea. I quickly make the driver stop the bus and wait until I come. I rushed towards the hotel thinking that number was hers. She had written the number for me, but I couldn’t read the signal that time.

I went to the hotel, found the newspaper near the lunch table and noted the number. As I was leaving the hotel, I saw she was waving her hands and saying bye-bye. I, becoming happy, rushed toward the bus.

I tried to call on her number but got no words what to say. At first,  I gave one miss call and later called her. It was nice talking to her. From then onwards, she used to call me more often. There used to be phone call hours after hours.
Days were passing by just like that.

One day I proposed her and she couldn’t say no to me. So we made a plan to meet once again. We meet and spend our nights together and promised each other to meet again and again.
Our love-bond became strong that we felt as if the moon and star no more shine brighter than our love.
It became a year from days.

We talked about our marriage.

She phoned me and told me to pick up her. She said that we should run and get married ourselves. And I also added yes to the words of hers.
I told,” I will be picking you up tomorrow morning. You wait for me at Pokhara’s Lovely Hill”.

I got myself ready early in the morning. A friend of mine gave his bike and I went to pick up her. I went to the ‘Lovely Hill’ at 11 AM and kept on waiting for her in that mild-cold environment. I was the awesome moment ever I waited for. My phone rang and she told that she was standing on a side of the street down below at the chowk. “I’m ready to go with you.”, she added.

Upon reaching the chowk, I saw a big crowd of people and a traffic jam. Some guys were breaking a car’s glass while some of them were burning a van.

I was surprised to see the situation. There was so peaceful environment when I there just half an hour before.

I asked a boy, “What’s going on? What is happening ahead?”. He replied, “A girl has been hit by a vehicle.”. I became restless and sided my bike. I called on her mobile phone, but there was no answer. I began to search if she is somewhere in the crowd. I again called here and I could listen a phone ringing so I followed that ringtone. I re-dialed to confirm the ringtone. I discovered her phone was at unknown man’s hand. That unknown man was the police.

And I looked on the ground. She was lying on the ground with blood on her face. I felt like I fell from thousand storeyed building. I couldn’t resist myself from crying. I went to hug her, but police didn’t let me touch. In the middle of that road, I cried a but nobody listened to my voice and nobody saw my pain deep inside my heart. I became mad at that moment. After some time, the police took me to the hospital.

She was lying on the ground with blood everywhere/A pictorial representation only.  – Our Incomplete Love Story

That night her family did cremation and that day they sacrifice my true love also in the fire.  Sometimes, I still cry remembering that incident. The wound is still fresh and  hasn’t been healed yet.

(Note: If the story matches with someone’s life then it’s the co-incident only.)

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