Saaya – The Shadow of Love

It was exactly 3 pm when I reached the rooftop of Bajra Cafe. It hadn’t stopped raining yet. It was raining in the same manner & yet more pleasant. It was the same pace, as had been the previous day. It wasn’t of that kind of rain that gets you wet on short walking distance. Two tables were reserved in the rooftop. In one table, four-five boys were drinking beer. In another, a bit far, there was a girl, smoking a cigarette all alone. I was relieved, that girl was Saaya.

Seeing me, she smiled from there.

“Sit down”, she requested me to sit on the chair just opposite of her seat. Then I took a seat. I was focused on looking here all the way from top to bottom. The thirst of two years. I wanted to be satisfied. I wanted her not to talk for some time. Just one moment, here-there left-right, I wanted nothing to hinder the movement or house. I wanted her to observe continuously. I wanted to fill her full in my eyes until she falls from my eye. I wanted her to become the tears of joys just like when a person becomes super happy.

A curiosity strikes as I sit on the chair.

“Saaya Shakya” is in front of me. How can I convince myself?
Saaya was in a maroon coloured sleeveless and gray coloured pant. Looking at her dress seemed she was not feeling so cold, not at all but just smoking steadily. Her hair was fallen just up to her shoulder. And an abstract tattoo was on her right arm.

Overall, she was stunning and gorgeous all together. After seeing a beautiful girl like her, Atit Sharma won’t fell for her, Why? How won’t he followed her up to Norway? Why won’t he cried a lot losing her unexpectedly? I knew everything clearly after once glimpse of her.
“Why are you sitting in the rooftop, in this rain?”, I started my first series of conversation. This question was necessary and naturally thought she was not affected by rain. Because the large umbrella was continuously providing necessary security to the table and the small world inside/under the umbrella. I came to knew after observing the surrounding once more.

I shan’t have asked that question. Just thought after asking the question. But I would have felt better if she had not given the answer. She said, ‘In Norway, where can we have sight of light falling on ours face?” Let me grab this opportunity until my stay at Kathmandu.

I laughed. Just a formal laugh. Unwillingly. Just to make her feel that I’m showing interests in her talkings.

“What do you wanna eat?”, she slid the menu towards me. I later noticed a waiter was already standing still behind me. I was not in the situation to eat so early. And also don’t want to sit without eating too. I ordered coffee and a cigarette.

“Bring two cigarettes”, she spoke to the waiter after me.

“Lets us share the same cigarette, intimacy grows.”, I wanted to say, but I didn’t. I wanted to advance my affinity towards her but didn’t want to say. The truth is I could not. Also, it wasn’t the right word to tell her that time.

“How much did you search for me?”, she broke the existing silence.

Huh? I would have been already accustomed to the stillness so I was shocked by her question.

“The lost ones are searched not the hidden ones.”, I said this laughing so that she might not become angry.

What? She lifted her eyebrows upside and asked me as if she knew me for several years’ “Was that a blame or a joke on me?”

I replied,” The one at which you will be less angry on me”.

She smiled. I loved that very moment when she smiled.

“Is more angriness restricted?”, she told maintaining the same smile.

“The anger is all yours. It’s personal. Just take a small volume of anger while becoming angry”, I said. “But that anger should not affect me”, I added.

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