Reminding Ourselves – Motivational Seminar with Saunak Bhatta

Reminding Ourselves – A Motivational Seminar

Reminding Ourselves - A Nepali Motivational Seminar
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Most of the time we make jokes, laugh, care for others, help them support them. But who gonna care for yourself. So here I present you a motivational speech by Saunak Bhatta. Yes, together we can change the world. If we invest time, money and everything for our passion we make it a reality.

Hey, I wanna be a singer actually. I wanna be a guitarist. When I play guitar I feel like that is where I belong. And when I sing a song, my be in the bathroom or maybe in my bedroom, I feel like a fish, that swims in the sea. I feel like an eagle, that flies in the sky. That is what I feel. That is my paradise or heaven. But you know what? Brother while I am playing guitar someone comes and knocks on my door and asks “Oye, Padhnu Pardaina (Oye, Don’t you have to study). Even while I wanna be a guitarist, all my dream, it fades away, all my hope, it goes away, all my imagination it breaks down into pieces, and all my dream falls all apart. Where I belong I can’t  be there.

Man! Why is the society so cruel? Why can’t I live my dreams? And, you know what when you go to the people and start sharing your dream with them, they gonna find out the all the stones around and hit you with the stones so hard that you may not able to walk through. I wanna be like a kite. I  wanna be flying like the kite. But Solti, I wanna be a kite but even the Kite also torn apart. May me that’s the reality what is the life about.  Maybe I can’t live my dream. Maybe something always gonna kill me. Why are the circumstances always painful? Why? Why can’t we live our dreams? Why? Can’t we live up to our own expectations and not be a football of others opinions? Why? Why brother, why?

Maybe brother that is what life is all about. Maybe life is like a garden where  you can find both flowers and poison actually. Maybe life is like a movie where we can find heroes and villains at the same time. Maybe life is like a box of chocolates like Forest Gump says, he finds the chocolate but miss something, We sometimes find poison well. Maybe that is what life is all about. Maybe it is how it is meant to be.

But they are losers who falls down when they are hit by stones. And What do winners do. They make a road out of the stone and walk through it. Yes, brother, you feel like a fish swimming in a water and you may drown some day. Now that not how winners do. Even if you are a fish without fins, maybe you can use swimming costume  or a raft jacket or whatever you do life is amazing indeed.

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