The Best Way To Earn Money In Nepal (Online)

How many places have you walked just wondering how to make money online? or How many times you have searched on the internet for money making ways? What method of online money making platform did you choose last time? Did you really earn some money? Did you collect that much revenue for the time and effort you have invested in front of your computer? Are you bored of me for asking questions and questions? Again question! Ahh. Well, don’t be angry with me because probably the methods you are using or your way of doing this money making things might be more irritating than my question. There are several ways we can earn money in Nepal be it offline or online. But on this topic, I am gonna talk about online ways to earn money, not just the way but yeah “The Best Way To Earn Money In Nepal” as mentioned in the title already.  Actually, a friend of mine inspired me to write this post.  In his own words “Solti le ta Aattanai Kada Paisa Kamauna thalyo, aba hami lai na sikaune ta?” which literally translates something like “Friend, you are now earning damn good bucks online. So when will our turn come? When you gonna teach us these things?”  Now, let me share some of the best ways to earn online money in Nepal.  This one is for you too, my friend.

the best ways to earn money in nepal
The Best Way To Earn Money In Nepal

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Make A Good Use of Google Adsense

If you don’t know what Google Adsense is all about and wanna learn how to create a new Adsense account then you should first read A Newbie Blogger’s Guide for creating an AdSense Account  Steps for creating an Adsense Account are mentioned there clearly.

Okay! Now I assume you do have an Adsense account. You have a blog and you have some post which you think are good because you have spent a lot of time. Yes, you have invested a lot of efforts too but that doesn’t mean you have a good blog and you are gonna some dollars. Yeah! Some dollars only, limited. I will be talking about maintaining a good blog or website in next blog.

So now let’s be co-centric on “Making A Good Use of Google Adsense” in the real sense. What I have found is using banner sizes like 336 * 280 (Large Rectangle), 300*250, 728*90 and 160*600 increase your AdSense revenue. After then try getting more organic traffic and from countries like USA, UK, and Canada because it increases your Cost Per Clicks. You can also try placing ads code in between the blog posts. I prefer turning on all the text and images add because it has increased my earnings too. So I definitely suggest you do the same. Do personal experiments on Adsense. You will learn your own ways of boosting your revenue. And targeting the add using custom channels is always a wise choice as this will place your ad unit or slot in an auction and you will be paid depending on your page information and your traffic. Till you do this may days pass and you will get some money send from Google which will eventually inspire you to do much better in your blogging career.  You can then filter your ads so that all the low paying sites will be blocked resulting increment in your AdSense revenue.

In the course of time your blog you get lots of visitors. You will have more subscribers, returning back readers if you have good and quality blog posts. Then you start opening your own Youtube channel. This will really add minimum $40 to $50 per month in your AdSense revenue.

I think Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn money online in Nepal. And what do you think? If you have any queries just comment on the box down below and let me know if I can help you.

Are you a programmer? or A software developer? I have something more to share with you folks. So, keep visiting back again.

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