Top 10 Nepali Movie Songs 2016 (April 26)

2016 Top 10 Nepali Movie Songs List (April 26)

Welcome back to Top 10 Nepali Songs List. You might be a bit surprised when I say welcome back because most of my later know readers didn’t know that I was sharing top ten Nepali Songs Online Ranks back in 2009 and 2013. What made me do this thing again? Well, frankly I’d never liked Nepali songs in the sense that my choice always used to be Akon, Bryan Adams, MLTR, Enrique, Eminem and later Rihanna, Adele and now John Legend. But one day somebody requested to sing a Nepali love song. Oh! God, in that situation I ended up singing some National Songs saying him this is indeed a love song. But he was expecting me to sing the love songs as we see in the movie. But that Night I kept on thinking, I then realized I hardly know few Nepali songs. And then I went to friends home and copied all his songs. I listen to all the 210 songs continuously (meanwhile, I did some short walks, cycling). Earphone game me company all day long and till the next morning also. I really enjoyed Narayan Gopal’s songs and best line I ever listened (that moment) was “Gajuli Ti Thula Thula Ankha” and “Kehi Metho Bata Gara”. Still today when I remember these songs my lips just curve up and I smile. The songs really gave me a wonderful taste of Nepalese songs. From that day, I started listening Nepali songs. Nepali songs are really melodious and no one can beat it.
So, concluding my own story I wanna present you the Top Ten Nepali Movie Songs of 2016 (2072/2073).


#1. Timi Nai Nai (Title Song) – Nai Nabhannu La 4

#2. Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu – PREM GEET (प्रेमगीत) – (Almost #1)

#3.How Funny – Title Song

#4. Siraima Sirbandi – How Funny

(The first time you listen Nakaima.. it’s like Nakkaima)

#5. Ke Ma Timro Hoina ra Kohinoor

(This is one of my best song. RIP. Shree Krishna, you will always be in our Heart.)

#6. Timinai Mero – Jholey

#7. Sare Sare – Bir Bikram

#8. Timi Aayou – Gajalu

#9. Ke Ma Timro Hoina Ra (Title Song)

#10. Timi Samu – DREAMS

This is the end of Top Ten Songs from Nepalese Movies. Hope you enjoyed the collections of these Nepali Songs.

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