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Prem Geet (2016) is a Nepali romatic love story (movie) directed by Sudarshan Thapa written by Ramsaran Pathak. The movie was released on  12th February 2016 (Magh 21, 2072). This movie is starring with Pooja Sharma, Pradeep Khadka, Saroj Khanal, Rupa Rana, Laxmi Giri, Rajaram Paudel and others.

Prem Geet Nepali Movie Online Poster

Prem Geet Nepali Movie Online Poster
Prem Geet Nepali Movie Online Poster

Background of Prem Geet

“Prem Geet (2072)” is presented by AASUsen Films Production. The movie is about Nepali romantic love story which full of lovely activities between Prem (Pradeep Khadka)  from Pokhara and Geet (Pooja Sharma) from Kathmandu with lovely natural scences and very heart parting emotional ending. The movie name comes from the two words Prem and Geet – prem means Love and Geet mean Song which means a love song itself. It features artists Pooja Sharma, Pradeep Khadka, Saroj Khanal, Rupa Rana, Laxmi Giri, Rajaram Paudel and others. Ramsaran Pathak wrote Prem Geet, and Renasha Bantawa Rai did its Choreography. Similarly, its has Music  directtion of Arjun Pokharel. The editor of the movie is Surendra Paudel with publicity design of Anand Maharjan. Santosh Sen produced it whereas Milan Sen Thakuri is the production manager with the production controll of Nabin Puri. Menuka Rai was on Art direction with the photography of Rajesh Shrestha.


Prem’s mom is the greatest problem in his life as she hides his all of his things and even protests not eating forcing Prem to get married soon. She gives him one week to find a love of his life or get married with the girl of her selection. On the other side, Geet (Pooja Sharma) runs to Muktinath so get rid of her grand mother’s wish of marrying her soon and to a boy living somewhere around their home. Geet runs from home saying she will get a right husband when the right time comes.

One the way to Muktinath (Mustang), they meet each other while Geet misses her bus and Prem gives her lift. They get a minor accident when Pooja rides the bike and after then they become friends. They come with an idea to get married only to show to their family but not in real. They get married unknowingly in Muktinath Temple, takes photos and send them to their family to get rid of force marriage proposal from their family members.

Then Geet flies to Kathmandu and during her boarding from Pokhara Airport, Prem follows up to her as Geet has secretly recorded that she loved him but due to her family, she couldn’t be together with him. Geet flies to Kathmandu and Prem stays working in a marketing firm in Pokhara but they have frequent phone calls, video chat and then with their family members. In this way, they again fell in love with each other.

But the sweet love story turns into a heart parting tragedy in the interval time. In the end of the movie Geet suicides jumping from the cliff once they fell in Muktinath. Prem also couldn’t handle the pain and he also jumps from the same cliffs.  The PremGeet ends with a promise to meet together in next life.

Watch Prem Geet Nepali Full HD Movie Online

Famous Dialogue of Prem Geet

प्रेम: ओए! तिम्ले मलाई तँ भन्या।
गीत:  अ!
प्रेम: उशो भए मैले पनि तिमी लाई तँ भन्छु।
गीत: अ! भन्या भनै हो। तँ  त मैले मात्र भन्न पाउछु अरुले पौदैन।

प्रेम: गीत!
गीत: उहु!
प्रेम: तिमी किन एस्तो हो?
गीत: एस्तो भन्या कस्तो?
प्रेम:कस्तो हो कस्तो हो। 
गीत: ए! म त यस्तै हो। अहिले देखी हैन सानै देखी। मेरो ममी ले छोड पनि यस्तै थिए रे।
प्रेम:कहाँ गाको तिम्रो मामु? 
गीत: (उहुफ pointing towards the sky)

The funny word: हजुर ममी, हो! ममी हो

The songs of the movie are very nice. I’ve personally watched this movie and found it worth watching. Apart from love stories and romantic songs the natural scenes are great.

What the movie taught us? गल्फ्रेन्ड रिशाको बेला उस्लाई मज्जले अंगालो मर्ने अनी आफ्नो मनको कुरा भन्ने। ईजी। translates When your girlfriend gets angry, just hug her and tell all of your heart. Easy!

Please share with us how was your experience watching the “Prem Geet Full Movie”, where did you watch? How did you feel?

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