Dear Facebook – A Love letter

Dear Facebook,
A sweet remember and lots of love.

Dear Facebook, I’m fine here and hoping you are also very well there. Somedays ago, I heard that your active lovers reached above 1.65 billion (as of 1st quarter 2016). After knowing this, I felt very happy to identify myself as one of your fans.

Dear Facebook, I had heard or read somewhere about love at first sight but the truth is I didn’t believe this until I met you. Almost 6 years ago I found you for the first time while I was traveling the world of Internet. And then I came to know the thing I heard or read was completely true.

Dear Facebook, you probably be thinking the boy is talking some random gossips but believe me, I’m talking my heart. Millions of people like me also love you at the very first sight. If you don’t believe me, ask about his love for you to the person who is reading this love letter right now. I hope after asking him, you will believe me.

A Facebook Love Letter
Dear Facebook – A Love letter / A sweet remember and lots of love / Rabins Lamichhane in the picture

That was the first met experience I shared with you. But after meeting you, I felt like I wanna be your friend forever. For that, I filled the signup form and created my account. In this way we became friends. You hurt me a little while I was completing my profile information. But a few days later I forgot everything after I met my friends from school to college, family & relatives, and other good friends through you. Because of you, we are able to create our own small world of our friendship zone too. And for this help, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart. Friends from the same city or far away from here, they share their photos and status where I comment. In this way we share our information and also talking or chatting live with friends and family via Chat is one of the great help you are doing. My friends become happy when I comment on their photos or reply their status and so do I.

Your other features are attracting not only me but millions of friends worldwide. But sometimes I think your beauty is fading because of the fake profile, pornography and these days especially the post published targeting the politicians. The time has come to punish those posts or the profiles. I don’t wanna loose you because of such activities by some people. So, I am reminding you of time so that I could stay in touch with you in future too. So, please take some actions in time.

Dear Facebook, now I wanna stop writing because friends who are reading this might be bored if I write a long one. One more thing, I’m visiting my neighboring country India for few days and may not be with you for few more days because of workloads. But don’t worry. Keep me waiting. I will join you as soon as possible. So before leaving Nepal I’m writing this letter to you. Don’t forget me if I’m unable to meet you soon or don’t deactivate my account. I will be back soon. Till then wait for me, I will be coming very soon.

Truly Yours,
Rabins Lamichhane
A Facebook User

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