My first Parasailing Experience in Goa

By | October 15, 2016

I love enjoying adventurous activities and it might be because of living in the Himalayas. I love to do such things if I get any opportunities. Three days ago I was in Goa enjoying a kind of Dashain Vacation though I couldn’t go home. I did Banana ride, Boating, Jet Skying and Parasailing.

Parasailing was not like a new thing as in Pokhara we have lots of Paragliding and Mountain flights. The main purpose I was excited about Parasailing was when I go back to home and do some Paragliding how it gonna feel. And honestly, Sea dipping was best as that was my first time I’ve even seen a sea with my own eyes. I read sea water tastes salty but experienced for the first time in my life. I must say Himalayan water is thousands time better when it touches your taste buds.

I’ve compiled few clips of my first experience of Parasailing in Goa. The view seen when the parachute goes up in the air was amazing too.


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