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Yesterday I just registered a new domain name TheNepal with United Kingdom extension. I have lots of works to do to make the domain or website alive. But some of you might ask what is TheNepal.UK exactly for. Well can’t say all that I have on my mind but to make the site visible and known for others I make this post.

What is TheNepal.UK?

TheNepal.UK (aka The Nepal UK) is an online platform to connect Nepal and Nepalese entity  and United Kingdom (UK). This website provides information about Nepal, the places, the culture, the people and so many aspects of/from Nepal.

I have nothing more about to write about this new domain. Nonetheless, I will be sharing the updates with you when I add the new contents and how I gonna design it. If you got any ideas or want to suggest for anything, you can use the comment section below. I will be very thankful to you.

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