Nepal Vs India Under 19s Asia Cup | Cricket Match

India Under-19s Vs Nepal Under-19s, the match is scheduled to begin at 10:00 local time (04:30 GMT). Here are the player details of this match.

India Under-19s Vs Nepal Under-19s

India Under-19s Vs Nepal Under-19s

Asian Cricket Council Under-19s Asia Cup, Group A: India Under-19s v Nepal Under-19s at Colombo (CCC), Dec 16, 2016

List of under 19s Nepalese players:


  • Sandeep Lamichhane*
  • Aadil Khan
  • Aasif Sheikh
  • DS Airee
  • A Karn
  • RK Paudel
  • KC Prakash
  • A Sah
  • P Sarraf
  • RJ Shahi
  • B Sharki
  • S Sunar
  • S Urao
  • NK Yadav


List of under 19s Indian players:


  • Abhishek Sharma
  • V Anand Tiwari
  • RD Chahar
  • HM Desai
  • PK Garg
  • AS Jamwal
  • SF Khan
  • KL Nagarkoti
  • H Parab
  • HJ Patel
  • HJ Rana
  • PP Shaw
  • Shiva Singh
  • Shubman Gill
  • YS Thakur
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