The Shameless Jet Airways You Should Never Book a Ticket, Know why?

Say No To Jet Airways

Jet Airways claims to be a major Indian international airline based in Mumbai but I don’t give a s**t to this airway who doesn’t care for their passengers. Jet Airways don’t care who are you. You are just a regular source of money for them. Their aim is only to loot money from the passengers. They don’t provide you half of the service for which they charge you.

It was not only the common Indians who were suffered because of the staff’s behaviors. If anything happens within India they paid money to shut the mouth of major Indian media or TV channels. They cover up the news by falsifying the matter and also when they accept the fact, they try to present in such a way like staying dry over the water. But then also, not all the Indian medias take money, they somehow have shown the actual reality of the Jet Airways.

Say No To Jet Airways
Say No To Jet Airways

Now this time they can’t hide or shut the mouse because this time the shameless behavior of Jet Airways has come out from another country. This time all the major News Channels from Nepal has been airing the reality of Jet Airways and the people who traveled by Jet Airways are expressing how they were mistreated.

Because of the Jet Airways irresponsibility, most of the passengers both Nepalese and Indians who had a transit in Mumbai traveling to Nepal were forced to spend 48 hours inside the  Airport. They were forced to sleep on the cold carpets with an empty stomach. And after 48 hours they came to Kathmandu without their Luggage.

Now let’s see what’s there in the Terms and Conditions of Jet Airways. Here is the excerpt from T&C’s link of the airways.

[III] Flight Delays

A] If the flight has been delayed due to rescheduling of the flight, the provisions of the Delay of the flight i.e. Rule 3.4 of the CAR will be applicable and Jet Airways shall be liable to undertake obligations as specified in the said rule.

Please note that Jet Airways is not liable to pay compensation however meals and refreshments shall be provided free of charge in relation to waiting time.

In case where two flights are combined due to Operational / Engineering requirements, the above delay compensation will apply.

B] When the expected time of departure is delayed to the next day, Jet Airways shall provide you with Hotel Accommodation, when necessary (including transfers). Jet Airways shall have absolute discretion in selection of hotels under the given circumstances and no reimbursement shall be made in this regard.

C] However, Jet Airways shall not be obliged to provide you the facilities as mentioned in (A) and (B) above, if the delay is caused due to extra ordinary circumstances, as defined in paragraph nos. IV [A] & [B] below, which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

But the airlines fail to follow the general  CIVIL AVIATION REQUIREMENTS. Why? Because ‘Humanity bhad me jaye, paisa he sab kuch hai’.

Now let’s see what are the rights of passengers.

Passenger Rights

If during your travel within, or to/from India, there is a flight cancellation or delay or denied boarding on a flight for which you hold a valid and confirmed reservation, you are entitled to certain rights in accordance with the Civil Aviation Requirements, Section 3 – Air Transport, Series M, Part IV, File No. 23-15/2016-AED , dated 6th August, 2010, effective Aug 1, 2016, passed by the Director General of Civil Aviation. For your ready reference, we give below a summary of these rights. Full text of this CAR is available on

This airline should be blacklisted and charged for causing troubles and of course no following own Terms and Conditions.

You should never book a ticket from this shameless Jet airway which has no humanity and just show few fake smile to loot money from the passengers. When in actual need, they won’t help you. They have worst services in comparison to Indigo and Spice Jet too.

Be it a Nepalese or Indian, know your rights and fight for it. Indians are facing these situations since very long ago. Now after it happened to Nepalese, We will stand together with all the common Indian who are just accepting the situations and compromising. No need to compromise cause you are paying for it and they are not providing you service for free.

Nepalese and Indian together we stand against the shameless behavior of Jet Airways. Let’s boycott this airline and show them without us you are nothing.

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