Falsifying the Truth

In this post, I’m gonna share how people can convey your right message in a wrong way. I will be giving you a real-world encounter just last night.

A person named Saroj Ray shares my video  “Karnataka State – History of Nepal” on his Facebook wall. Now let’s see how he has shared the status as it is.

जब तपाईलाई भनिन्छ कि कुनै बेला भारतको दक्षिण भेगमा रहेका कर्नाटक राज्य नेपालको हिस्सा थियो, के प्रतिक्रिया हुनेछ तपाई को ? हाम्रो एक जना नेपाली बन्धुले युटूबमा विडियो नै बनाएर सबलाई यो कुरा भन्दैछ, यो बेगलै कुरा हो त्यस विडियोमा यस्तै कुनै तथ्य छैन जसले पुष्टि गरोस् कि कर्नाटक नेपालको हिस्सा थियो भनेर । किन Rabins Sharma Lamichhane जी यस्तो विडियो बनाउनु भयो, यसको जवाब वंहाले नै दिनु हुन्छ। youtube links –

See the facebook screenshot below or go to the link here.

karnataka nepal not karnataka india
The person added his own addon texts diverted the ppl mind into a false or untrue fact.


Now where in my blog post or youtube video I mentioned Karnataka of South India was part of Nepal. I mentioned Karnataka of ancient Nepal which lies in Simrangadh or Narayani Zone of Nepal.



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