Jan 1 is not a New Year but a Dhaka Topi Day

Topi Day Nepal 2018 Greeting Image

Well, this is Nepal and in Nepal, we don’t celebrate the new year on January 1 but a Topi Day. Yes, you heard right! We celebrate Dhaka Topi Day because there can’t be two new years (coz of our calendar system). It is normal for us while most of the people from another part of the world may find it interesting.

Topi Day Nepal 2018 Greeting Image

Last year, I wrote a small piece about Dhaka Topi Day and also shared the official posters.

Here is the excerpt from my last year’s post.

Why Jan 1? – As there is no Nepalese festival on Jan 1 but we have developed a celebration trend. so celebrating the English New Year in Nepali way. Also most of Nepalese who are abroad also get a holiday on Jan 1 and they can celebrate with foreigners showing Nepali culture.
What to do?

On Jan 1, If possible wear Our Nepali Topi while going to the office, college or wherever and upload your pic (selfie) on this Event wall.
Hence, It is a small effort to conserve our culture (Nepali choro ko paichan )and being together for Unique universal identification
So, goodbye 2015 and hello to 2016. May this year bring lots of happiness and joy in everyone’s life and shall bring peace and prosperity to our country Nepal and rest of the world too. Happy Nepali Topi Day alongside too.


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