The Sparks of Love


The state of mind is unpredictable or shall I say the state of the heart is unknown all the time though we may suppress with our intelligence. You may choose anything. For me, I went on the softer side perhaps I chose to listen to the heartbeat.

Something surrounds me now, everything that I’m well aware of it but doesn’t know the name of it at all. But, the feeling I feel is like butterflies in my stomach if I borrow the words.

Once in a blue moon, I had felt some flowering blooming during the dawn but it dried out when the dusk rose. Perhaps, there were no butterflies, just the alone flower and nobody to rejoice it.

The life was going well but suddenly felt something strange. I tried to figure out and gave it some time.

Finally, one day I discovered it. The feeling of the full moon, the feeling on the autumn season. Perhaps, flowerings are blooming this season with lots of butterflies to rejoice it.

I now have saved that moment in the deepest corner of my heart. The vivid memories make me alive. Sometimes, when the sun begins to shine, a little eclipse occurs that saddens me. But, still, there is a hope of rays spreading I can see.

Now, just being a real, and humbly I wanna touch her heart. I hope my tender touch will create sparks of love making the two hearts bond strong just like the electrodes welding sparks make the two iron one and yet strong than ever.

My footsteps are now returning back from the emptiness and hopefully marching towards the new flower that I will be nurturing throughout my life. Whatever it is, it feels so good. I miss you!

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