Jan 1 is not a New Year but a Dhaka Topi Day

Topi Day Nepal 2018 Greeting Image

Well, this is Nepal and in Nepal, we don’t celebrate the new year on January 1 but a Topi Day. Yes, you heard right! We celebrate Dhaka Topi Day because there can’t be two new years (coz of our calendar system). It is normal for us while most of the people from another part of the […]

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Meditation Process


A question may arise in the mind of the practitioner: For how long does a spiritual aspirant have to engage himself in the practice of meditation to have a vision of the ultimate truth? In his introduction to the translation of Shankaracharya’s Laghu Vakya Vritti, Swami Shraddhananda answers this question by saying that it depends […]

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Loot 2 Nepali Movie Leaked In Google Drive and Openload

Loot 2 2017 Google Drive Leaked Movie

RabinsXP/Kathmandu – I just confirmed myself than the Loot 2 Nepali movie has been leaked on the Internet. Currently, the leaked link is being viral over the secret Facebook groups which I’ve also joined. Loot 2 has praised as one of the super hit Kollywood movies of its kind in Nepalese movie industry. Here is […]

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किन नवरात्रिको दशौ दिन लाई विजयादशमी भनिन्छ?

नवरात्रिको दशौ दिन लाई विजयादशमी पनि भनिन्छ। यस दिन मा भगवान रामचन्द्रले रावण माथि विजय प्राप्त गरेकाले यसलाई विजयादशमी भनिएको कथन छ। सोह्र सामग्रीले भगवती दुर्गा र अरू देवीहरू तथा देवताको पूजा गरी, नौ दिनसम्म गरेको पूजाको काममा कुनै त्रुटि भयो कि भनी त्यसलाई पूरा गर्न तामाको थालीमा चन्दनले अष्टदल लेखी त्यसका बीचमा माटाका देवीका […]

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The Shameless Jet Airways You Should Never Book a Ticket, Know why?

Say No To Jet Airways

Jet Airways claims to be a major Indian international airline based in Mumbai but I don’t give a s**t to this airway who doesn’t care for their passengers. Jet Airways don’t care who are you. You are just a regular source of money for them. Their aim is only to loot money from the passengers. […]

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Why Hindus celebrates Krishna Janmashtami?

Krishna and Nanda Rani- Sri Krishna Janmasthami

On the auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, I will be sharing the reason behind the celebrations of this festival also known as Gokul Ashtami. Before we know about the importance of Sree Krishna Janmashtami, we should also know about who was Sri Krishna and other things about him. Who is Sri Krishna? According to […]

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Janai Purnima Festival of Nepal

A Guru Brahmin binds are holy thread on wrist before giving him the holy thread for body known as Janai

Janai Purnima is one of the religious and cultural festivals of Hindus celebrated on the Purnima (full moon day) of Shrawan ( 4th month of Nepalese official calendar. So, this day is also known as Shrawan Sukla Purnima. This day marks a Hindu starts learning letters so that he/she can read Vedas which is known […]

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Is Bhutan becoming the next Sikkim?

Bhutan-Sikkim Map

Bhutan and Sikkim share similar kinds of situations in the present context unlike what they used to utilize their democracy in the real sense. The only difference is that one is a country and another is a state. Fijikaran (Fiji-fication) – Various international newspapers also suggest India’s policy towards is to make it just like […]

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Nepal Train Website for Railways booking services in Nepal

Nepal Train - railways nepal

The construction of East-West Railway of Nepal has been started. The estimation for the completion of this railway project is three years. The budget for this construction has already been provided. Nepalese expect to enjoy train ride in 3 years. Future train booking services in Nepal will be done via NepalTrain.com

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