Pratap Malla Coins from Nepal Sambat 789


Coin issued in Nepal Sambat (N.S.) 789 to mark the coronation of Pratap Malla’s son, Chakrawatendra, who died 2 days later. To console his queen, Pratap Malla built Rani Pokhari, finishing in NS 789 Magh. 9 months to complete this beautiful treasure!

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The Khas Malla State – History of Nepal


The Khas Malla State was expanded from Nuwakot in the east, Kedar in the west, Tibet in the north, Terai terrain in the south. The entry point of the state was the Mallawar of Kailai Kanchanpur. There were some parts of Tibet which were influenced by this state. The Khas empire spread to Garhwal in […]

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Karnataka State of Simraungadh – History of Nepal


Simraungadh’s Karnataka State in Nepal’s History Simraungadh (Nepali:सिम्रौनगढ) lies in Bara District in the Narayani Zone. Its ancient name was Simara-vanagadha (Nepali: सिमरा–वनगढ). At that time all the big settlement areas used to be called as Fortress (किल्ला) in terms of security. SIMRA or SIMRAUNGADH Such fortresses were made even in the midst of the […]

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