Katuwa Chaupari – History and Origination

Katuwa Chaupari, Kushma, Parbat, Nepal

What is the Meaning of Katuwa Chaupari and how it was & Originated? Katuwa Chaupari is composed of two words ‘Katuwa’ and ‘Chaupari‘. Literally, ‘Katuwa’ means ‘Cut-off’ and ‘Chaupari’ means ‘Forum. There used to be a Chaupari (चौपरी)/Chautari(चौतारी) having two trees: Bar (वर) Peepal(पिपल) and between those two trees local people made a pathway for […]

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Travel To Gyandi

Visiting new places is one of the best ideas for learning and recreational purpose. I guess all of us here like to Travel different parts of the world, learn the society, customs & cultures and expose to the nature of best places in the world. Some like to enjoy the shopping in the cities like […]

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About Katuwa Chaupari

KatuwaChaupari, a beautiful village of Parbat district is located at the Dhaulagiri Zone (Western Nepal) of Nepalese map. Katuwa Chaupari of Gyandi Chaur is rich in natural beauty surrounded by beautiful green hills and snow-covered mountains. Talking about the exact location of Katuwachaupari; it lies inside the valley of Gyandi where Kusma – Gyandi/ Kushma […]

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