Nari Diwas (International Woman’s Day Nepal) #PressforProgress

Woman’s Day in Nepal is written as ‘Nari ko Diwas‘ popularly written as Nari Diwas in the Nepali language. The ‘of’ means ‘ko’ which is not necessary to say while you write a phrase as a noun. Nari means ‘women’ and Diwas means ‘day’ in the Nepali language while the counterpart being ‘Nar’ meaning ‘male’. If […]

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Women’s Day 2012, Nari Diwas, International Women’s Day in Nepal


In Nepali language, Women’s day is written as Nari ko diwas, also shortly called Nari/Naari diwas. Nepal is going to observe International Women’s Day of 2012 on the 8th of March.  Both men and women of Nepal will participate to remove anti-sexism. Tommorrow I also want to respect Nepali girls and women more by appreciating […]

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