Market Price of Tech Gadgets in Nepal

Lot of people ask me what is the real market base price of different Gadgets. In market there is always hike in gatgets prices. And these prices are not always fixed. It depends on how you bargain. It’s different from shop to shop.

My friends always gets fascinated by how I buy the same product on same show yet lower than then. Beleive me, I do lots of research on the internet, I calculated the expected tax rate based on the country of import and make a some baseline price. This does not work always but yes it works 80% of the time especially on large gadgets.

When I say them this, stil they say they could not figure out and ask me everytime. The trust they show on me like I know about every tech related stuffs is just wow. So, I am starting a series of Price of Tech Gadgets in Nepal.

Explore the marketplace of Nepal and find out the various base price of technology and gadgets items all over Nepal.

Lets start with some random gadget’s price in Nepal.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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