5 Reasons Bahubali 2 was Success in Nepal

Bahubali 2 (Nepali: बाहुबली द्वितीय), a South Indian movie has set a new record in Nepal.  Among all other Bollywood movies, Bahubali 2 was able to generate more revenue and winning the hearts of Nepali viewers.  The Gopi Krishna Movies, the official movie distributor for Nepal told, “The opening record breaker movie Bahubali-2 in Nepal had gross collection 0f Rs. 7 crores (net: 5 crs 40 lakhs) from 130 screens in 2 days. The first-day collection of the movie was more than Rs. 2 crores.

The total collection of Bahubali 2 in Nepal is Rs.10.5 crores (while creating the post ) and the movie is expected to be run for few more days.

The movie created a historic record of 200 crores in the box office collection from the worldwide release. In India, it created a new record of screening in 7 thousand halls. In India, movie success is predicted by measuring the first-day collection exceeding the hundred million figure. And to be mentioned, Bollywood movies of 3 Khans are always expected to cross the hundred million figures.

Earlier, in 2015, “Prem Ratan Dhan” released in Diwali had collected 39.32 crs in the opening day. Also, Salman’s another movie, Sultan had collected the first release revenue of 35.49 crs. Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, ‘Happy New Year’ was also on quite offensive trade with the first-day collection of 36.31 crs. Another actor, Amir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3’ was on 32.48 crs on very first day.

The 3 Khan films usually released during festivals or holidays has been kicked beaten by Bahubali-2 which was released with no any particular festival/holiday selection.

In this sequel version, the story of King Maheshmati as Bahubali has been shown. Directed by SS Rajamouli, the movie featured actors/actress like Prabhas, Rana Daggvati, Anushka Shetty, Ramaiah Krishnan and others.

The Five Records of Bahubali 2

  1. The first movie to be screened in 9 thousand screens all over India in one day beating the earlier record of Aamir Khan’s ‘PK’ and Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Bang Bang’ screened in 6 thousand screens.
  2. Babubali 2 break the record of the most expensive ticket being sold at INR 2400.
  3. Also, the records of most advanced ticket bookings records. In numbers, 10 lakhs tickets were sold in advance.
  4. In terms of monetary investment, it was released in variously dubbed languages with the collection of 26.5 crores. The movie was dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and others.
  5. Bahubali 2 also became the first movie to screen in 8 thousand screens in the USA.

This movie directed by Rajamouli had an investment of INR 270 crores. This movie is the sequel of the movie — Bahubali. This film was released on Friday in Nepal.

5 Reasons Bahubali 2 was Success in Nepal

Bahubali 2 was Success in Nepal

Bahubali 2 Famous in Nepal (Reasons)

Bahubali 2 became one of the famous movies in Nepal even beating the top grossing movie Chhaka Panja (6×5). I did a quick survey among my friends and got to know the reasons being Bahubali 2 success in Nepal including the trend “कटप्पा ले बाहुबली लाई किन मर्यो?”. Here are the few general points it won the Nepalese hearts.

  1. A glimpse of ancient Nepalese history – The classical story which represented the culture and traditions which can give of glimpse of ancient Nepalese history in the sense that we had read or experienced in our religious books. Probably, the ancient kingdom looked like the Maheshmati Kingdom. Even the names and character look familiar may be the Hinduism plays a role here.
  2. The impression of Magadheera and of course Bahubali – Already inspired by these movies and Nepalese were impressed by the message of the movie that our classical Arts, Culture, Religion, and Tradition can be modernized.  Another reason might be we share Nepal sharing similar kinds of Arts, Culture, Religion and Tradition to South India.
  3. Love, Renunciation (Sacrifice), dedication and victory of truth – Every Nepalese has experienced these attributes especially the people living in the Himalayan range and are inspired by the folklores which we grew up listening. And the same thing has been finely presented in the movie as if while watching one feels like it’s a real story. We put our own characters in our mind and let them play while watching making the reel life, a real one (alive).
  4. Stories are never old – With the good presentation, a story never can be old. It’s all about how you present. A lesson to be learned from the movie.
  5. कटप्पा ले बाहुबली लाई किन मर्यो? or Why Katappa Killed Bahubali? – I think the question itself is self-explanatory.

Hope you got the answer of why Bahubali became famous in Nepal and is still in trend.

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