Tihar Tika Time (Bhai Tika Sahit)

According to the Hindu Calendar of Bikram Sambat 2077, the Tihar tika time of Bhai Tika 2020 is 11:37 AM.

Tihar Bhai Tika Sahit Time & Date in various parts of the globe are as follows.

  • Nepal: 11:37 AM (Nov 16)
  • Delhi, India: 11:41 AM (Nov 16)
  • Doha, Qatar: 10:46 AM (Nov 16)
  • Israel: 11:05 AM (Nov 16)
  • UAE: 11:53 AM (Nov 16)
  • Saudi Arabia: 11:33 AM (Nov 16)
  • Sydney, Australia: 9:51 AM (Nov 17)
  • Texas, America: 11: 37 AM (Nov 16)
  • Tokyo, Japan: 10:25 AM (Nov 17)
  • Portugal: 11:04 AM (Nov 16)
  • London: 11:27 AM (Nov 16)
  • Toronto, Canada: 11:23 AM (Nov 16)
  • Malaysia: 11:51 AM (Nov 16)
  • New York, America: 11:07 AM (Nov 16)
  • South Korea: 10:05 AM (Nov 16)
  • Hong-Kong: 11:35 AM (Nov 16)

According to the Hindu Calendar of Bikram Sambat, the Tihar tika time of Bhai Tika 2019 is 11:55 AM.

Tihar festival tika time
Bhai Tika Tihar festival tika time

The 2076 Bhai Tika sahit starts from 11:55 morning of 29 October 2019 or 12 Kartik. The whole day is considered auspicious this Tihar.

Bhai Tika is one of the five days of the Tihar festival. The five days of Tihar are as follows:

  1. Kaag Tihar
  2. Kukur Tihar
  3. Gai Tihar & Laxmi Puja
  4. Goru Tihar/ Goverdhan Puja
  5. Bhai Tika

Tihar is also known as Dipawali or Deepawali or Yamapanchak too.

Know more about the Tihar festival and find out what are the five festive days in a video below.

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