Fragment of star found in Milky Way galaxy, flying at 2 million miles per hour


Fragment of star found in Milky Way galaxy, flying at 2 million miles per hour

A piece of star has been found flying out of our galaxy at a speed of 2 million miles per hour. According to scientists, it is the most dynamic star ever.

Scientists believe that this will help them to find valuable information about the cosmos. This piece of supernova star has been studied by researchers from Boston University and the name of this star is LP 40-365.

This Milky Way galaxy has been found to be going out. Researchers have also discovered that a piece of this supernova star is spinning very slowly.

The supernova rotates very quickly, but it has been found to take 8.9 hours to complete a single rotation. Its light potential was also found to be constantly changing, but scientists believe that it is due to rotation.

LP 40-365 is part of the dwarf star, according to investigators. Most of this star has also been found to be made of metal.



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