Snadder by Bhoos Games | New take on Snake & Ladders

Bhoos Snadder Game Snakes and Ladders

Bhoos Games has just announced its latest game—Snadder. The social game maker has taken our favorite childhood game, Snaked and Ladders and redesigned it to favor puzzle-solving skills over pure luck. So, let’s get deeper into, what’s is all about and how to play.

Snadder — A unique take on Snakes and Ladders

Snadder is an online game involving snakes, ladders, and dice. Like in traditional Snakes and Ladders, you start at the position ‘0’ and try to get to the destination ‘100’ by rolling the dice. And unsurprisingly,  ladders take you up while snakes bring you down. What’s so unique about Snadder is that it is a puzzle-solving game. You don’t have to rely on random dice rolls to move ahead. Instead, you will have to carefully plan the moves from the pool of limited dice rolls. The objective is to reach the final destination with the least number of possible moves.

You can play access Snadder through Bhoos’s official website. The game interface is fairly simple. There is a traditional Snake and Ladders setup in the middle with the possible dice moves on the bottom. After you start the game, options for undo and reset appear just above it. Bhoos releases a new puzzle daily, and you can track your daily score by clicking on the calendar icon at the top. Placed to its right are the player’s statistics and the rule book. There are also toggles for Dark and Silent modes.

How to play Snadder?

  1. Access the game from this link.
  2. Starting from the ‘0’ tile, use the dice to get to the final tile.
  3. Watch out for the snakes; they bring you down. Ladders, on the other hand, take you up.
  4. Strategize each move since each dice has a limited number of uses.
  5. Complete the game and challenge your friends.

Bhoo's Snadder UI

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