RabinsXP Magic Keywords for Nepalese/English Blogs

RabinsXP Magic Keywords for Nepali Website for Maximizing Website Revenue.

Getting Started with Adsense High Paying Keywords

You’re busy and Adsense never ought to be treated as an organization so if you’re using AdSense for quite a while and can’t make any money with it. Dear reader, Google Adsense is among the finest monetizing ad networks to make money online from your blog or website.

Maybe, you’re still trying hard to get approved by AdSense. As Adsense is the very best monetization network to create money from blogs, you can improve your income by utilizing Adsense high paying keywords. AdSense stays the very best Advertising Network. Adsense is among the most important and many cash providing website and revenue sharing site. If Google Adsense is not appropriate for you, you may also get the best alternative to it. Still, Google Adsense is among the best and leading monetizing networks to create money from your blog. Google Adsense is among the best and driving adapting systems to make cash from your blog.

You want to understand how to create the very best, and the way to use keywords in your posts to secure much better traffic to your posts. So you have to locate the keywords that are related to your niche and simple to rank. You will discover that the majority of the keywords are long tail keywords. So, keywords aren’t the main supply of traffic. Targeting more specific keywords guarantees that you simply pay for keywords that are related to your small business.


Using RabinsXP Magic Keywords you can maximize your Nepalese website revenue. I called it ‘RabinsXP Magic Keywords’ as it worked magically on RabinsXP for Google Adsense’s high paying keywords.

Keyword Research

The process of locating keywords is termed as ‘Keyword Research‘ on which the whole on page optimization strategy works. It would help if you had because when you get started optimizing your content, you will need to be familiar with the keyword. First, you’re likely to optimize and to boost your earning, you will have to discover the high paying targeted Keywords that will generate more visitors to your blog. In case you have any other keyword phrases, then please do share with other folks.

Finding high paying keywords is simple, but it’s not sufficient to boost your earning. When you do so, you can place those keywords within your website’s keyword Meta tag, and you are done. Putting the most suitable search phrases in your text and different regions of your site might help you.

 Adwords Keyword Tool

If you find yourself with a decent quantity of visitors to your blogs, then AdEngage is among the very best AdSense alternatives for your blogs. You must have decent traffic to find approval. With a download website, you can become there with far less traffic due to the high CTR you will receive on your site. One needs traffic to find money. High paying pages, into which you’ve got to put traffic. You should make sure that it is possible to draw excellent visitors to your blog. There is a great deal of high paying ad networks are obtainable for blogs monetization; you can choose anyone, which is suitable for your niche and become started to earn the bucks.

It’s possible for you to utilize the Adwords Keyword tool to acquire more keywords. The Google Adwords keyword tool permits you to add and remove keywords at any moment you pick. Keyword Elite software grants you the capability to create high paying keyword lists yourself, and it’s incredibly easy to accomplish. There are many tools in the market to come across High Paying Keywords. The Google Adsense program depends upon the content for which you’re showing ads. Keyword research is significant for publishers. Next, you’re going to be in a position to look at the complete report of the very best key terms which are driving traffic to that specific site.

Affiliate Advertising Ideas

You have to enter the keyword and click get ideas. Next, you select the way of choosing keywords. Since you can see it’s not quite tricky to find the absolute most out of targeted high paying Google Adsense keywords.

You can earn money without selling anything. With a premium account, it is easy to make money. It’s possible to also earn money by promoting your customized toolbar. At times it’s simpler to earn money through referral marketing than affiliate advertising. Try to remember; you can make cash with a click through in addition to a sale! Now the amazing issue is that it is possible to earn money by promoting Grammarly (say). Instantly you won’t make more income with Bidvertiser; you must use their ad network for many months to bag the bucks.

Advertising is the secret to marketing. Whether there are ads there, it’s a fantastic sign. Mostly ads are like the content of a site. Hence it should be engaging. All ads are based on pay-per-click payment. If there aren’t maybe its worth finding another topic to write on in case you’re hoping to entice ads. Due to which you cannot block every ad.

Ads Observation

After a recent change in Panda Algorithm by Google, Adsense earning has been slightly increased. I have seen so many people on the internet creating blogs like ‘high CPC and CTC google Adsense keywords’. They are earning their traffic from your search only. And if you try placing those keywords on your site or write around that niche, you will not gonna earn as claimed.

So how can I earn as much as possible?

Simply by doing ‘Ads Observation’ and writing blogs.

I didn’t know what to call it so I call my method as ‘Ads Observation’. Why so? (Period)

Just go to the top sites (any), and read the contents. You will see ‘Ads’ running on their page.

Since those websites are getting higher traffic and their bidding values are usually higher.

So, here’s the catch. Just ‘mess your blog’ around the ‘Advertiser’s contents’ and just write your blog in a good way.

It’s almost sure, they’re paying more than others advertisers.

That’s what I applied on RabinsXP.com. It results was phenomenal. (slow clap). I was previously building a ‘Money Keywords Tools‘ but I had to completely change the process. So, I observed SEMRUSH, HREFS, and others, they are just properly using Google’s DATA API (say) only.

Save your money wasting on such tools, if you are lazy or rich you can but you will never a successful blogger as per my view you are just skipping for a slice of easy meat. In long run, you will learn nothing; well you will highly rely on these tools and can’t survive as you know when environment (algorithm) changes only fittest will survive.

I had once planned to share some high ranking keywords here but due to some Google’s policy, I had to change the way it works. I have found another way.

It took me almost 6 months to figure out. I will share those ‘money making keywords‘ once a week here. I called it ‘RabinsXP Magic Keywords’ as it worked magically on RabinsXP.

Forget everything as explained above as I will be sharing those high paying keywords that will pay for Nepalese site too both English and Nepali language. Get ready for the RabinsXP Magic Keywords coming soon.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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