Microsoft announces Windows 11 official release date

Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date

After months of speculation about when Windows 11 would be released, Microsoft finally announced the release date for its new operating system (OS). On October 5, 2021, both qualifying Windows 10 computers and Windows pre-installed desktops and notebooks will receive Windows 11.

Although Microsoft has revealed the release date for Windows 11, it doesn’t mean that you will receive the new operating system exactly on the day informed. The OS will be made available gradually, in addition to giving priority to computers that have more recent hardware. The Windows developer will use “intelligence models” to determine which devices will get the update first, where the machine’s reliability and age will be considered (time elapsed since the product was released).

Unfortunately, Microsoft says support for Android apps will not yet be available in its app store on Windows 11. The company plans to offer the new feature soon to those who are participating in the Windows Insider Program, aimed at users who test and review apps, new implementations and fixes made to the OS.

What’s new in Windows 11?
In Windows 11, the Start menu gained a new design, in addition to a change in its placement, now in the center of the screen, along with the apps pinned to the taskbar. Also, another change that has taken place is the removal of “Live Tiles”, originally implemented in Windows 8, which consist of square icons that may or may not have animations when they are displayed. Now, in Windows 11 we only have static icons similar to what you find on Android phones, plus the display of recently accessed documents and a search box at the top.

Another interesting feature implemented by Microsoft in the new OS were Snap Layouts, where the user can determine how the layout and format of applications on the screen will be, snapping several programs to be displayed at the same time on the monitor for work. In this way, it is possible to use a single large monitor instead of several, thus improving the efficiency of the activity performed.

There is also the Microsoft Teams integration with Microsoft’s new operating system. The communication program will be located natively on the taskbar, allowing for more fluid communication with friends, family and the work team. With this, it is believed that Skype will be replaced by Teams.

In Windows 11 there will be Widgets, where the user will have a personalized feed with news, weather and maps. You can make them appear by swiping your finger on the touch screen of a notebook or tablet, and can even expand to fill the entire screen and display information more comfortably.

In terms of games and media in general, in Windows 11 we will have the Auto HDR feature , present on Xbox Series X/S consoles . In addition, the company promises improvements in Windows 11 performance speed.

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