Teej Festival of Nepal

I have been sharing about Teej festival and it’s related social media status from time to time on my blog. This time I’m going to share you what actually Teej is all about, how it was celebrated and how it’s seen in Nepal and Nepalese diaspora. This article will cover the introduction to the Teej festival, rituals, celebrations, and the modern trends.


A Happy Teej Festival greetings to all the Nepalese and others people who are celebrating.

Teej Festival

Teej or also known as Haritalika Teej in the Nepali language is one of the main Hindu festivals of Nepal. On this day, the married women worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for their happy marital life. Also, on this day, unmarried girls also do fasting in the belief of getting their desired Husband. It’s known as Haritalika festival as this is the month of Sharavan and everywhere it’s Greenery. So, we can call it the festival of Green in that sense. But, normally, it’s called the festival of red, as all the women and girls are seen in Red or somewhat purple color.


According to the Hinduism, the Teej festival is celebrated as a wish of getting marriage (for unmarried girls) or long and happy marital life (for married women). Women fast for the long health of their Husband. The rituals of praying Ganesha and Shiv-Parati starts from the morning wishing for a good life and good family.

There is a custom of bathing with the water mixed with white Sesamum Indicum (Nepali: पानीमा सेतो तिल) and then doing 16 sets of makeup known as Shroha Sringaar.  It’s recommended to put on Red or Rose-colored Sari with Blouse and Suite. Married women put on their Sindur wearing red bangles and Laal-Joda and fast all day and in the evening they worship Ganesha and Shiva-Parbati.

There is a custom of performing puja at Shivalaya after 5 PM only because the right muhrat (time) has been suggested after Pardosh Kaal.  Women and girl do puja lightening the Dhup-Diya. However, I am seeing most of the people are performing Pujas in their home too.

Celebrations and Moden Trends

The whole day, the women and girls dance on Teej Songs. In past, they used to sing their own Teej songs expressing how their marriage life was/is and also express their pensive thought regarding their marital status. Nowadays, this has been changed. It’s more of a festival of joy than it used to be performed to achieve something. We have lots of Teej Music Videos and Songs. People just play songs, enjoy dancing. Not only women and girls, but also men are being involved in this tradition.

All day they fast and at the end of the day, they eat a lot of things. Sometimes, I’ve seen this has caused health issues for many people.


Teej is a wonderful festival to celebrate as it encourages to seek good qualities in the future husband or life partner for girls. Also, boys are also doing the same these days. Let just enjoy the Teej festival in a healthy manner and knowing the real purpose of it and preserving our culture and not making it a superstitious celebration.

Happy Teej Festival to all the Nepalese and others people who are celebrating. You can check out my collection of Teej Status for social media sharing usage.

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