WannaCry Infected Sites of Nepal – Be Alert: Ransomware Hits Nepal

Here is a list of the Nepalese sites which are infected by Ransomware known as WannaCry. Please do not visit this site for testing also. The most deadly ransomware worm known as WannaCrypt, WannaCry, WannaCrypt0r, WCryptor or WCRY has also attacked the Nepalese internet infecting thousands of devices and affecting more than a hundred countries. Russia, Ukraine, India were among the top victims of this recent attack as reported by Kaspersky.

wannacry-ransomware infected sites of nepal

Malicious Websites of Nepal

1. http://everestholdings.com.np
2. http://www.sambad.com.np
3. http://nareshmdr.com.np
4. http://aajakokhabar.com.np/
5. http://keyadv.com.np/
6. http://orchidbooks.com.np/
7. https://dhakalanup.com.np/login/
8. trekkingandtravelnepal.com.np
9. http://bigmart.com.np/
10. http://www.pud.com.np/
11. http://www.woodmaster.com.np/config/font
12. http://www.heritagecarpet.com.np
13. http://kmcmobile.com.np/
14. http://nbmc.com.np/
15. http://turbomotors.com.np/
16. http://globalcargo.com.np/expertise
17. http://raveenadesraj.com.np
18. http://bikrambasnet.com.np/
19. http://missionbanknepal.com.np
20. http://deepesh.com.np/
21. http://necoinsurance.com.np
22. http://www.nirpa.com.np
23. http://gangamagar.com.np
24. http://apexnp.com.np
25. http://pathibharachannel.com.np
26. http://alfrescomag.com.np
27. http://vistatravels.com.np
28. http://babyproducts.com.np/
29. http://bytesmedia.com.np
30. http://rampursahakari.com.np/slider/
31. http://viewnepal.com.np
32. http://crystalit.com.np
33. http://www.yaradigital.com.np/
34. http://educamp.com.np
35. http://yzone.com.np
36. http://www.moi.gov.np/
37. http://neb.gov.np/
38. http://www.seonepal.org.np/
39. http://www.cgnn.org.np/
40. http://www.scdcnepal.org.np
41. http://nepas.org.np/
42. http://brownbird.org.np/
43. http://csk.org.np/
44. http://kisan.org.np/
45. http://bycbaglung.org.np
46. http://mkamalbipin.org.np/
47. http://voiceofchildren.org.np/
48. http://sonsik.org.np
49. http://www.nidc.org.np
50. http://nepjoph.org.np
51. http://www.wspg.org.np/
52. http://update-account-information.com.cgi-bin.cgi-bin.webscrcmd-login-submit.ipds.org.np
53. http://mldnepal.org.np/
54. http://wecan.org.np/
55. http://isetnepal.org.np/
56. http://www.cnet.edu.np/
57. http://dms.edu.np/
58. http://www.caspianvalleycollege.edu.np/
59. http://sunriseglobal.edu.np/
60. http://www.maple.edu.np
61. http://acie.edu.np/
62. https://infomaxcollege.edu.np/
63. http://www.kiec.edu.np/
64. http://acpe.edu.np/
65. http://durbarschool.edu.np
66. http://satishstha.com.np/
67. http://www.nepalremit.com/
68. http://wlinktech.com.np/
69. http://acme.edu.np/
70. http://www.sicollege.edu.np/
71. http://www.nbinsurance.com.np/
72. http://www.globaldainik.com/

Please be safe as it all starts with just one click of yours.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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