Yama Buddha is Dead

Yama Buddha’s death is confirmed by his brother-in-law Resh Marhatta. I can’t just believe myself that Yama Buddha is no more with us. OMG! It’s totally hard to digest that the renown rapper of our generation died. Buddha died in a car accident in London. I wish this news is fake. I will be missing him and his songs. I am continuously trying to find out more news. Here are the people sayings:


Picture of Yama Buddha who is rumored to have died in London Car Crash

Yama Buddha, the Nepalese rapper who died in London Car Crash


I am continuously trying to find out the real thing. So please be stick with this post. I will let you know if it’s a real news or just hoax because these days rumors spread so fast than a virus on the internet. Please don’t panic and do some research like me to find out the real new. I will let you know. And once again I request you not to believe directly until I come with authentic information.



NOTE: YAMA BUDDHA IS FOUND TO BE DEAD.  Adhikari’s brother-in-law Resh Marhatta confirmed the death. According to Yama Buddha’s family, the singer was found dead in his bathroom at around 3 am. Adhikari, 29, had been living in London with his wife. The dead body has been kept at Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow. The source added that police have told the family members to contact them only on Monday. It is learned that the postmortem will be conducted on Wednesday. Marhatta added that the cause of the death will be known only after the postmortem.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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12 Responses

  1. Suraj Gurung from Assam says:

    I can’t believe this its fake internet virus..moile that pako 2:30 am Indian standard time ma..Tara moile bishwas GRE thina jhatta usko wiki herda dead ko sartifite thiyena..just I will chake right now wiki mero ta nidra ka uro uro..its true yaar..waha aile hunuhunna…rip YAMA BUDDHA DAI.. May I ries n peace..

    • internet ma first news post gareko nai maile ho… Maile news tha pauda kosaile pani taha pako thyeana… ra maile share gareko news lai fake bhani ra ko thyo aile sabaile balla paxi taha paye…. RIP YAMA DAI

      • hemant says:

        rabin sharma sir second post chai mailay gareako theya… mailay pani yeai blog bata tha pako theya…. ma sanga na wifi theyao na data but kai bata 100 ko recharge hali mb liya ani dherai na vayea ni short info moblile batai upload garay…..
        rip yama buddha daju.. we will miss u alot

        • I had seen on your blog with lots of grammatical errors and you were saying that the news is fake and only RabinsXP blog is publishing. And brother, make sure this RabinsXP is a reputed website running since a very long time. RXP only shares authenticated stuff only, no matter it comes in other websites or not. Anyways, we will be missing Yama Dai. May his soul rest in peace.

          • hemant says:

            ahh daju ma type garda mistake hunxa and lack of time revise nai garna paudaina … +2 ma back xa ni taw sooo padhna ma b theya and sory suru ma fake news vaniyo ali confuse vayera i will improve my mistakes and u r my inspiration

  2. noble says:

    natng to say … no any words … only god will judge u … u will b miss in a youth generation …»
    Nahola sangai aaja ta tara ma tara
    Tero samjhana yo manmaa chha
    Saath chhodne chhaina bhanthyou kahile
    Tara saathi nikai yeklo chhu ahile »
    miss u dude … u rocks it man u really rock n shock da nation …

  3. pravash says:

    um yama buddha was nephop king
    malai pani biswas lagena suru ma news sunda I was shocked in that time. …RIP yama buddha daii

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