Online Paisa – A Mobile App to Earn Real Cash


Online Paisa helps you to earn quick bucks online by watching videos, viewing offers and many more. Each activity you perform will be accredited some points to your account. The points you earn may vary depending on the weight of the task performed. The points value will be mentioned in each task.

Bonus: A daily attendance will give you +25 points.

For Apps:
1. Select an app to install from one of our app lists.

2. Click “Install” when on Google Play Store.

3. Wait until the app is Installed and open the app.

4. Browse the Installed app for about 30 Seconds.

5. If there was a Specific Task mentioned when selecting an app, (For example, Register, Reach level 3, Browse for 5 min) do so, otherwise close the app.

6. Go back to the Pocket Main Screen and tap “Refresh” if you have not been awarded points yet.

7. If you still haven’t\been awarded, you will get your points within 1-5 minutes.

Currently Payment Methods: Paypal, Paytm and Esewa (coming soon)



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