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Celebrate Buddha Jayanti 2074 // Buddha’s Birthday 2017

I wish you every good soul a very Happy Buddha Jayanti also known as Buddha Purnima. It’s a great day for us Nepalese. It’s our pride that such a great person was born in our country Nepal at Lumbini. Every day I wish Buddha teachings to be shared with millions of people out there as I […]

Devotion and Being a Lotus | Spiritual Quotes

We live in this world where each one of us is affected by the environment we live. But still, we have to maintain our day-to-day workloads just like a Lotus roots inside the mud but blooms clean and beautiful above the mud. No matter how much religious you are, Devotion to your Master or Guru […]

Expect, Except, Accept

Whether having stumbled on to the path by chance or having taken birth in a family where all the members are initiated, one’s mind is often preconditioned by being fed a variety of information about Sant Mat. This eventually forms the basis of elementary understanding for the seeker. This mixture of information, coming from a […]