Banke Blasters

Find out the list of all players from Team Banke Blasters. Banke Blasters is one of the teams of Nepalgunj Cup Cricket Tournament.


1 Mahesh Chhettri Banke
2 Prem Tamang Dhangadi
3 Prabin Giri Banke
4 Prajjwal Shahi Banke
5 Shahrukh Raza Banke
6 Bishal K.C Bardiya
7 Diwan Pun Dang
8 Sanket Pun Banke
9 Gopal Singh Janakpur
10 Lavkush Yadav Banke
11 Ajay Sahani Banke
12 Sudip Nepali Dang
13 Sonu Tamang Kathmandu
14 Akhtar Hussain Lumbini
15 Ashish Rana Magar Banke

Captain: Mahesh Chhettri
Vice-Captain: Prajjwal Shahi

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