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IT Nepal had carried a survey related to the International Payment Gateway in Nepal. IT Nepal is a mission to accelerate the information age of Nepal. It is a subset of Digital Nepal. It is supported by the first initiator of Digital Nepal. IT Nepal (as a group) is for helping each other, for assistance with all supported software, hardware, and other IT services. IT Nepal acts as the liaison between all groups within the IT community.

Let’s find out what people are saying regarding the international gateway in Nepal.

Do you use any Nepali Payment wallets/gateway?

90.8% said they used eSewa, 42.3 % used Khalti, 16.2% used IME Pay, 0.8% used Npay, 28.5% used Netbaking and 12.3% used other payment systems.nepali payment gateways

Does it affect you or your life if you get an International payment gateway?

76.9% said the international payment gateway will affect their life. 16.9% were uncertain about it and 6.2% said it won’t affect their life.

international payment gateway nepal effect

Should the Central Bank of Nepal or Nepal Rastrya Bank remove the ban on International Outward Transaction?

81.3% said the Central Bank of Nepal should revoke the ban on the international outward transactions. 15.6%  were in favor of the current NRB rule and 3.1% were uncertain about it.

NRB Rule on International Transactions

Where do you live now?

40.8% lived in Bagmati Pradesh, 20% lived in Province No 1, 23.8% lived in Province No 5, 20% lived in Province N0 1, 11.5% lived in Gandaki Pradesh, 3.1% in Province No 2, 0.% lived in Sudurpashchim Pradesh.

people living in nepal


This survey concludes that eSewa, Khalti, and Internet Banking are the most used Payment methods in Nepal. Most the people think Central Bank of Nepal should uplift the ban on the international outward transactions.

Source: IT Nepal, Last Updated: Sunday, March 15, 2020

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