What is Dashain festival & how it is celebrated?

The Dashain Word & Meaning The other names are Vijaya Dashami, Mohani, Dussehra, etc. The word Dashain is spell as Dassai (The Shai). Dashain is written as दशै in the Nepali language or Devnagiri script.  Dashain comes from the word “Das” &  ‘ai” ending with Sirbindu / Anushwor symbol ( ं) ie. दशै = द […]

Celebrate Buddha Jayanti 2074 // Buddha’s Birthday 2017

I wish you every good soul a very Happy Buddha Jayanti also known as Buddha Purnima. It’s a great day for us Nepalese. It’s our pride that such a great person was born in our country Nepal at Lumbini. Every day I wish Buddha teachings to be shared with millions of people out there as I […]