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JAVA Inheritance With Concept and Examples / Output

PROGRAM STATEMENT Design a super class called Staff with details as StaffId, Name, Phone, Salary. Extend this class by writing three subclasses namely Teaching (domain, publications), Technical (skills), and Contract (period). Write a Java program to read and display at least 3 staff objects of all three categories. CONCEPT   EXAMPLE INHERITANCE IN JAVA (SUPER […]

Stack using arrays / Push(), Pop(), and Display() methods in JAVA Programming Language

PROGRAM STATEMENT Write a Java program to implement the Stack using arrays. Write Push(), Pop(), and Display() methods to demonstrate its working. CONCEPT A simple class example: class Student{ String USN,name , branch; int phoneno; } Object is an instance of a class created using a new operator. The new operator returns a reference to […]

Creating a Java Class with Variable (Program Statement+Concepts+Sample Programs+Output)

PROGRAM STATEMENT Create a Java class called Student with the following details as variables within it. (i) USN (ii) Name (iii) Branch (iv) Phone Write a Java program to create nStudent objects and print the USN, Name, Branch, and Phone of these objects with suitable headings. CONCEPT In Java, everything is encapsulated under classes. Class […]