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Nokia and WorldLink Setting up Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Nokia and WorldLink  Communications Nepal are going to deploy FTTH which means Fiber to the Home with the aim of connecting  1 million-plus houses in Nepal through 2019. According to Nokia, “The deployment could be Nepal’s largest FTTH community”. They say the system is going to deliver the fiber get entry to the technology required to […]

Salman Khan’s Nepal Visit

Salman Khan, one of the Bollywood superstar who has a large fan following in Nepal is also visiting Nepal. It has been said that Khan will be visiting Chandragiri Hill in his trip to Nepal. When will Salman Khan visit Nepal? Well, there are many fans who have eyes on his every activity and asking me […]

Railways in Nepal

The government of Nepal has gone in process of buying 4 locomotives (engines) and 18 compartments. The construction of the broad gauge railway tracks from Janakpur (Nepal) to Jayanagar (India) has been already started. You can also see the on going Railway tracks construction in Nepal in the pictures below. The Department of Railways known as DORW […]

Yama Buddha’s Body in Pictures

Many of you are requesting to share the pictures as I was the first site on the Internet to share about the Yama Buddha’s who left his physical body. People were unable to believe the news and for them here is the picture of Yama Buddha’s dead body who has now arrived in the box. […]

About Yama Buddha’s Dead Body Images or Photos

Yama Buddha recently died and some people are so much hurt that they even ain’t  believing me. I was the first one to publish news about Yama Buddha’s death on the internet. People we’re not believing me and they were sharing mine website’s screenshot on several facebook groups and telling are this a rumors or […]

Yama Buddha is Dead

Yama Buddha’s death is confirmed by his brother-in-law Resh Marhatta. I can’t just believe myself that Yama Buddha is no more with us. OMG! It’s totally hard to digest that the renown rapper of our generation died. Buddha died in a car accident in London. I wish this news is fake. I will be missing him […]

Chhakka Panja Nepali Movie Leaked

The “Chhaka Panja” movie released on September 9 has been leaked on the internet today. This Nepali comedy movie was directed by Deepa Shree Niraula. The full movie recently leaked was of runtime 2h 10m. The movie was first leaked on the internet by “अरजुन कुमार श्रेषठ (Sanu)” from his Facebook page. Sanu is working […]