50 Timeless Scientists

Book: 50 Timeless Scientists

Author:K. Krishna Murty

ISBN: 9788122310306


Price: INR 96

Publisher: Pustak Mahal

This book presents you the lives of great scientists who worked tirelessly to give us what we have come to take for granted as necessities of life.

Here we have scientists who missed Nobel Prize and those whom Nobel missed.

o A Nobel Prize awarded to Pauling was branded as an insult! But he is the only one to receive two unshared Nobels.

o Bardeen returned to Swedish king for another Nobel as if to fulfill earlier promise.

o Ironically an Agricultural Scientist received a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes! What is peace without food?

o An anguished Barbara McClintock refused to publish her papers, but Nobel committee discovered her.

o Then we have scientists who received awards in prison cells, scientists who made discoveries in the prison cells.

o Tesla was thrown out of his labs, cheated by another great man but his alternating current runs our homes now.

o Carlson went from pillar to post with his photocopy machine and it is now the Xerox.

o Townes had a revelation for LASER on a park bench.

o When Maiman made it practical, a Hollywood actress, Bette Davis wondered if it is a death Ray.

o Medicines from Jenner, Pasteur and the like consigned some diseases to history.

o If only Subba Rao had lived a few years more, he would have killed some more diseases.

o A trio of scientists transformed the twentieth century by inventing the transistor.

o To top it, a scientist who was not allowed to go on a holiday invented the microchip.

o New York Times reversed its ridicule ladled out on a rocket scientist after 40 years only after man landed on the moon.

o A school teacher testified in the court to save his old student, Fansworth for his rightful invention, the television.

o Davy openly declared his student as his greatest discovery, Michael Faraday! You have them all! Biographies that educate and entertain too!!

About the author

K. Krishna Murty has already fielded two books on Popular Science, this being his third creative venture. A mechanical engineer by profession, he has an ardent passion for science and electronics. He also has numerous published articles to his credit in ‘The National Science Magazine, Science Reporter, Indian Express and Telugu magazines apart from a number of enlightening talks broadcast on A.I.R, Vishakhapatnam, India.

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