How to watch IPL T20 Live Scores?

IPL 2018 has started and if you are searching for ways to watch IPL scores then you are at right place. I am going to share you the best way to view Indian Premier League popularly known as IPL Scores.

There are various mobile apps you can search on Play by Google or Appstore by Apple.

I have recently built an app called ‘DPL T20 (Dhangadhi Premier League)‘ The primary focus of this app to provide live scores of DPL T20 and Nepali domestic cricket tournament.

Not only DPL but this app also provides you scores of IPL T20 too. You can download directly from Playstore clicking here.

Also, there is another app called Cricket! Live Scores & Updates . This is quite a new app but provides you realtime-live scoreboard of IPL T20.

Another app is Crickbuzz which has many features but sometimes we don’t want all the details.

As there is a saying short is sweet, so ‘DPL T20‘ & ‘Cricket! Live Scores & Updates‘ app provides you the quick and focused live scores on DPL T20 & IPL T20. In both ways, you can view Nepalese domestic and Indian cricket tournaments from the same app.


DOWNLOAD Cricket! Live Scores & Updates NOW

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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