How To Use Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE service? 7 Things You Should Know

The 4G mobile internet is accessible from Nepal Telecom’s sim card in Pokhara and Kathmandu. If you haven’t still used or what to know about how to use 4G internet, then this post is dedicated to you. Here are 7 things you should know before using 4G service by Nepal Telecom.Nepal Telecom's 4G/LTE service

Does my mobile phone support 4G service?
To check if your phone supports 4G/LTE, go to the network settings and see which technology your mobile phone is using. Also, make sure your mobile phone has the frequency higher than 1800 MHz band.
Does my SIM support 4G/LTE?
Dial *444* and get the instructions to test your SIM card. If your SIM card has no any 4G service enabled, you will get a message suggesting you upgrade. If you get upgrade message, you have to get a new U=SIM card. SIM cards are available at Kathmandu branches (Chabahil, Hattigauda, Gangabu, Sundhara, Chhauni, Babarmahal, Jawalkhel, Sajha Bhawan, Thimi and Bhaktapur) and Pokhara branch at Mahendrapool.
How much does it cost?
Don’t worry. It’s free to activate 4G service.
Which APN should I use?
Use APN either “ntnet” or “ntwap”. Both are working.
Is it expensive?
4G service is comparatively costlier and faster than 3G service also. But Telecom is planning to provide with the cost price of existing 3G service. Telecom is providing various packages to its customers. You can easily find out about those packages on their official website.
What will happen to the existing 2G/3G package?
You can use the current or applied data plan till the expiry date of your existing subscription plan. Also, as soon as you come under the 4G coverage, you can surf the existing package with the 4G speed.
How can I know more things about Nepal Telecom's 4G internet service?
Dial the customer care’s number at 1418 to know more about it.

If you are buying a new smartphone that supports 4G/LTE and easily available in the Nepalese market. Then don’t forget to check the list of all 4G/LTE Supported Smartphones of 2017.

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