Tokha Municipality provides free internet to facilitate student learning


Tokha Municipality provides free internet to facilitate student learning

Tokha Municipality has provided free internet service to facilitate the learning of students. Tokha has provided free internet service for reading through the internet when the school is closed due to the Corona epidemic.

Chief of the Municipal Education Branch Baburam Gautam informed that free internet service has been provided at Jalupa Library Baniyatar, Nujj Library Tokha, Jhor-Mahankal Community Learning Center Jhor, Janachetana Mahila Vidyalaya Tokha-9 and Buddha Namuna Alternative School Tokha-10.

“With the internet connection, it has become easier for students who do not have access to internet service at home to study,” he said. Tokha Municipality has also published an academic calendar for the coming year.

Similarly, Tokha has said that it will take initiative for the establishment of technical schools in the coming fiscal year. The municipality has stated in the policy, program and budget of the fiscal year 2078/79 BS that the community schools within the municipality will be upgraded to college level.

Tokha said that the ‘Mayor’s Lunch Program’ will be continued for the children studying in the community schools.

Tokha, which has adopted the policy of ‘Quality Education for All’, has decided to establish a community school in each ward. It has also stated that sanitary pads will be provided free of cost to all the girls studying in community schools.

The municipality has stated that the ‘One School, One Nurse Program’ started by the Bagmati state government last year will be further expanded in the coming year.

There are currently eight community schools in Tokha. Similarly, there are 80 institutional and 3 alternative schools, said Gautam. रासस



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