Becoming an Android Developer

How can you become an Android developer?

Not everyone is an IT graduate but many want to learn and develop something. If you are not an IT graduate then also don’t feel worried as you will feel good and confident enough to know that anyone can become a developer.

So, let’s find out what can we know about being an Android developer. They are the ones who develop android apps and deploy it for mobile.

How to become an Android App Developer?

You are in a dilemma whether you can learn Android development or not. Don’t worry we will give you tips and tricks so that you can be an android developer in no matter of time. Before moving to android development, there are few things you must know about.

Prerequisites to become an Android developer

  • No prior knowledge of programming: You don’t need any knowledge of programming. If you are trying to figure out what is a programming language, then also you can start right now.
  • Tools needed: You need an android studio in order to learn android development. This is called IDE which you will learn later after starting to learn android development. This will help to perform the tasks very easily and is free to download. You can download it the Android Studio for free.
  • Commitment and time: In order to become an android developer, you must commit few hours a week to focus on this so that you can be able to write and understand coding. The commitment of time and dedication will lead you to become a developer.
  • Anyone can learn it: You are not an IT graduate. Still, don’t worry. Everyone can learn this and you can become a developer. It does look difficult when dealing with technical terms but it becomes easy as you go learning.
  • Good Laptop/PC: You need to have at least 4GB of ram in your machine to run an android studio. This will help to run smoothly and you can learn it fluently.

Are ready to learn and possess all above requirements? If yes, Let’s start the Journey to becoming an Android App Developer.

In this Android Developer Tutorial, we will guide you through the prerequisites of becoming an android app developer. This app development tutorial on RabinsXP will further continue to advance mobile application development.

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  1. Thanks for sharing with us. I think it will help new learners to get the basic idea on pre-requirements (or say prerequisites) for creating an Android App. I am looking forward to more tutorials to come. Thanks again!

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